Storage Hints and Tips

Storage tips - what you can and cannot store

Storage Hints and Tips

What can you store - household goods, tools and machinery (not in use), wholesale and retail stock, commercial goods, vehicles, boats, campervans, trucks, caravans, motorbikes, sporting equipment, documents and files, outdoor furniture.

What you can’t store – food, fireworks, paint, paint stripper, inflammable goods, chemicals, explosives, fuel, ammunition, guns, petrol, illegal goods, stolen goods, combustible liquids, environmentally harmful materials.  Power tools are not to be used in units.

Storage tips

Cover furniture with drop cloths, list contents of boxes on side and seal, keep items off floor to let air circulate (ie: on pallets), store linens or clothing in plastic storage boxes, do not sit mattresses or soft furnishings on concrete floor.

Insect deterrents and rodent products are in the units on arrival – it is advisable to keep topped up, Waikato weather can be damp and/or humid – we cannot be responsible for what you store in your unit.


Contact us by email or phone (details on home page) and we will send a booking form email to you confirming unit size booked and pricing.

The more advance notice assists in securing the unit size and date you require.


All units are accessed easily on our flat, ground level site.

Your security gate access card issued at booking confirmation allows you access 24 / 7.


Insurance of your belongings remains your responsibility. If you have existing contents insurance we recommend that you contact your insurance company and advise them that either all or part of the contents are being placed in storage with us.


Monthly rental is paid in advance at booking confirmation which forms your bond, we do not charge administration fees or an additional bond.

One off security gate access card charge applies to all bookings.

Two month minimum rental on all units.

Two week’s notice is required when exiting your unit and terminating the rental.

Further details are provided in the terms and conditions of the rental agreement upon booking.