Storage Unit Sizes

we can cater to a wide variety of storage needs

seven different storage unit sizes

Our diverse range of storage unit sizes ensures that we can cater to a wide variety of storage needs, whether you’re looking to store a few boxes of personal items or the contents of an entire home. Below is a detailed look at our seven different storage unit sizes, designed to accommodate everything from small furniture and documents to large vehicles and boats:

Storage Sizes
Storage Unit Sizes - all units are 3 metres high
Storage Sizes

Unit A

2m x 2m - Approx 12m3

Perfect for personal items, small furniture, boxes, or business documents. Ideal for those needing extra space equivalent to a small closet.

Storage Sizes

Unit B

3m x 2.5m - Approx 23m3

Suitable for slightly larger items, including motorcycles, seasonal gear, and office supplies. This unit is about the size of a small bedroom.

Storage Sizes

Unit C

4m x 3m - Approx 36m3

Great for families or businesses looking to store medium-sized furniture, appliances, or inventory. Offers ample space similar to a medium-sized bedroom.

Storage Sizes

Unit D

5m x 3m - Approx 45m3

With the capacity to hold larger furniture sets, this unit is ideal for homeowners during moves or renovations, equivalent to a large bedroom's space.

Storage Sizes

Unit E

6m x 3m - Approx 54m3

Offers significant space for entire household storage, large appliances, and vehicles, providing the area of a generous garage.

Storage Sizes

Unit F

10m x 3m - Approx 90m3

Our largest unit, perfect for storing boats, several vehicles, or extensive commercial inventory. This is akin to a small warehouse space.

Storage Sizes

Unit G

6m x 4m - Approx 72m3

Uniquely sized to fit awkwardly shaped items or a combination of personal and large items, such as vehicles and comprehensive household contents.

Secure, Dry, and available 24 hours

Each unit is secured with your own padlock, ensuring that only you have access. The cleanliness, dryness, and security of our units, combined with 24-hour electronic access and an electric perimeter fence, guarantee that your belongings are safe and accessible whenever you need them. Choose the size that best fits your needs, and let us take care of the rest. Contact us today to discuss your storage solutions.

Storage Sizes